Shadowrun: A Time For Choosing

Subtlety is Key

It didn't take long for them to head over there, and thankfully I knew someone who could provide a Decker at the last moment. Reports say that they arrived at the location with enough time to scope out the place, in which they met the hired Decker. Much as I hate to have to rely on these street scum, there's no time to get any true professionals. 

Have to rely on her judgment of them; I have no choice.


<u>Data Gathered While Hacking:</u>

Floor Plans: 3 Story building; 1st Floor is Restaurant. 2nd Floor appears to be residential. Nothing further gathered on the occupants within the time obtained. Basement is setup two stories below ground level. No real construction needed due to it being part of the Underground, back in the Fifth World. Tunnels are sealed and sectioned off from the majority of the Ork Underground area into a larger area. It's been reinforced around to add stability to the structure, as the tunnels were not setup to have a large operation like that. Thus the walls surrounding the area will not be easily taken down. There also appears to be no mundane means of getting in and out of there, other than the elevator on the 2nd floor which leads to the basement. Elevator is located in one of the residential rooms. There is a staircase on the back way to lead up there and there is no means of a entrance within the restaurant from what the floor plans show.

Holding area appears to be a large room, surrounded by reinforced steel. No real means of entering it according to the floor plans found.

Security Measures Within Holding Area: 

Security is tight within holding area. Sealed off in another room, it is setup within a large reinforced steel door with a maglock holding area. Requires keycard to enter room. Only the head guard holds this key in this building, who sits at a small desk nearby the doors. Walls surrounding room are reinforced. At all times there are guards within there. There appears to be notes on the building next door into having some use from the underground, but was not able to obtain further details other than it is secured with sentry drones and a guard. A Magic barrier is setup all around the area to prevent Astral and Spirit interference. No information is given about who is the one who cast the spell within the security details you gathered.

Doll Information:

Limited information is held on their network, but it does appear that girls are brought to these rooms thru a back way in the building next door to the restaurant and exit the same way to ease transportation of the products. Some girls are left to provide entertainment in the apartments upstairs for patrons to use as they see fit. They can be purchased at the casino itself.

Camera Placements:

Camera placements are everywhere, including the restaurant, the 2nd floor, the building next door, outside of the building, the 2nd floor entrance. The camera's central hub is in the building next door.


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