Shadowrun: A Time For Choosing

A Storm is Brewing

That in Which the Subjects Meet

Each one came from a different space, each with different experiences. Yet I must rely on them on them now to save her.

A ork, a elf, and a little girl. Who would have thought it.



Name: Clarissa Jones
Race: Dwarf
No further information given.

Woman was captured in the Villa Plaza while shopping. No guard outfits around here, from what we could gather, it was simply a random grab for attractive girls by themselves. Eyes on girl were ordered not to pursue, merely observe. Attack occurred at around 6:30PM PST.


Location taken:

Susa Hibachi: Restaurant in Tacoma. Mostly a take-out place with few tables to sit and eat. Real business is underground; has a small casino and prostitution ring as well. Security is tight due to this and the Shotozumi-gumi's, but this is not the primary source of this. Inside sources tell us that this is where they deal with creating mere Oirans. The high scale Geishas are handled elsewhere, which they would never allow a dwarf to join. This is how we know she is here.

Casino is sectioned off between the main casino portion and the lab. As Nightrunner Security is the public face of the Yakuza, expect heavy resistance if you choose to go in hot. They are prepared for a frontal assault, which I do not recommend unless you are confident you can get out.



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