British decker that hides behind a mask of gear


Handle: TWIxTRICkS
Name: ????
Age: ??
Sex: Female? Meta: Human?
Height: 5’1" Hair: Brown
Weight: 94 lbs Eyes ??
Ethnicity: British-American Complextion: White

A decker who resides somewhere in Puyallup barrens, this shadowrunner hides behind a mask of gear in the meatworld and the ever so easily changed code of the matrix. TWIxTRICkS style is fairly distinctive in the cyberworld, mostly using a candy theme to most of their programs and hacking.
TWIx proves to be a competent decker for some with less than a year of shadowrunning under the belt.

A short hair brunette of considerably small stature when compare to the average height of metas. Presumably a female although it’s difficult to tell under the bulk of gear that obscures the facial features underneath and the androgynous physique does nothing to answer the question. And in this day and age where a voice modulator is a cybernetic possibility, it’s unclear that the voice underneath the respirator is feminine for certain or even british for that matter.


Not much is known about TWIxTRICkS other than she’s a decker that resides in the Puyallup barrens and has been a part of the matrix scene for the past five years. Only in the recent year has she begun to make a career out of her skills.

((More to be reveal as stuff plays out))


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