O-ren Ishii

13-year old "ninja" with a Pollyanna complex


Oren Ishii, born to mother Liu Hulan (formerly Wuxing Inc.) and father Takeo Yoshikawa (formerly Mitsuhama Computer Technologies), has spent her (short) life SINless and in hiding.

Her parents met while engaged in corporate espionage between their two companies and, despite the odds and monumental stupidity of it, fell in love. They tried to keep their relationship a secret from their respective corporations, but like Romeo and Juliet, they were discovered.

They ran, using all of the skills (and money) at their disposal to become SINless, change their faces, and live together in paranoid anonymity. They have taught Oren everything they know about stealth, the MegaCorps (especially the ones they worked for), and violence in a sociopathic re-imagining of homeschooling- they’ve been too paranoid to even try to send her to school, for fear of detection. However, they have allowed her some freedom on the Matrix, as on the internet no one knows you’re a dog. Therefore, Oren only understands social interactions in a digital context (where she is known as “Zanryū Fujin”) , though she naively assumes that people will treat her the same way even if they figure out she’s only 13.

Due to the particular and recognizable nature of their respective skill sets, they put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads by doing as few shadowruns as possible. Unfortunately, it appears that they have taken on one run too many- they have gone missing. Oren is now on the hunt to find her parents and rescue them if they are still alive…

Or avenge them if they are not.

O-ren Ishii

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